Masks in Public Transportation



Boston is a city that demands to have quality public transportation. Residents need a system of buses and trains that operate productively and efficiently. The current system is flawed and prohibits economic empowerment to many of our residents.


Each winter we experience massive delays and breakdowns. At times, transportation becomes unsafe. Trains have been reported to begin smoking and passengers have to break their way free. Boston is working to replace trains but in the meantime, we have to ensure that this mode of travel works for all of the residents who rely on it. Improvements in travel should also focus on drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

I will: 

  • Advocate for lowering the fare for public transit, and investment in MBTA infrastructure.

  • Advocate for more protected bike lanes within the District.

  • Invest in crucial roads and sidewalks improvements. 

  • Support policy that ensures that modes of transportation are accessible to everyone regardless of the cost.