public safety

Public safety is essential to the maintenance of a functioning community, where people feel comfortable navigating daily life. Our public safety system needs work. There is a need for community safety initiatives led by officers who live in the communities they serve. Officers are currently performing jobs that they are not equipped for, such as emotional and mental disorders. Our current Public Safety should increase the collaboration between officers and mental health professionals. I have a strong belief that funds should be allocated to support the use of counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists when officers respond to calls regarding mental health and domestic disputes.  


Our Public defense currently lacks cultural responsiveness and socio-economic diversities. Unfortunately, racial tension has become a high source of income for the current defense system (which includes private law firms). It is time that they increase their quotas for pro bono work and participate in a bidirectional relationship that serves everyone. Rehabilitation is paramount. Our current bail system feeds on financial inequities which prohibits the release of people from low-income communities and results in plea deals that ignore the potential innocence of the individuals. The bail system should acknowledge socioeconomic differences and function accordingly. 


As we move forward in this environment of tension and racial unrest, we must introduce effective cultural responsiveness training within officers' basic training. Cultural responsiveness training is and should be a requirement for hiring and should not be incentivized. The focus should be on the people that the officers have committed to serve and protect. We cannot forget that systemic racism perpetuates racial tensions and breeds an unhealthy relationship between officers and residents. The current system protects officers through qualified immunity.  

I will: 

  • Fight for the adoption of clear statutory limits on police use of violent tactics--including choke-holds, unnecessary use of force, etc. 

  • Work to increase independent investigations into officers who have engaged in overly violent interactions that in many cases have resulted in fatalities.

  • Engage and contribute to policies that promote the decriminalization of Mental Illness.

  • Introduce community safety policing initiatives led by officers who live in the communities they serve

  • Contribute to the reformation and amendment of the current Bail System and Public Defense to better serve residents equally. 

  • Advocate for all of the Boston Police Department’s contract negotiations to be made publicly available