public health


Public health has been at the forefront of my focus as all other social systems affect the overall health of our community. There is a widening gap in health disparities and health inequities. As residents engage with the healthcare system they face cultural, racial, linguistic, and financial barriers that at times exacerbate acute and pre-existing health conditions. A major component of community health is prevention and disease control. 


To participate in preventative care, residents need a system that offers them the same opportunities and access to proper education on nutrition, positive health behaviors, and institutions regardless of health insurance coverage. We must acknowledge that access does not mean proximity. Residents live in a city rich in medical resources and research, yet communities of color rarely see the benefits. It is time that we truly uphold the right to adequate health care and access for all. 

I will: 

  • Ensure access to resources for understanding outcome research conducted in their communities 

  • Expand the efforts to distribute the wealth of education in basic science and community-based participatory research.

  • Work to increase positive health behaviors in every household through healthy living (nutrition and exercise) programs. 

  • Continue to advocate for the elimination of intended or unintended discrimination of women of color ( providers should have adequate culture responsiveness training). 

  • Advocate for the reduction of co-pays, high insurance costs, and the cost of prescription drugs.

  • Support Medicare for All and work to recognize Health Care as a Human Right. 

  • Increase mental health services for minority communities.