Aerial View of a Houses



The cost of living is rising at an alarming rate. Increased urbanization is concentrating jobs and opportunities solely within the city--but not everyone can afford to live there to take advantage of said opportunities. Public housing in Boston is 98% occupied. Waiting lists for section 8 and government-subsidized housing are years out. There is a gross imbalance between the number of applications received and approved. The current system is unsustainable. We need to acknowledge the growing demand for the expansion of public housing. Homeownership is a direct path to upward economic mobility. All residents should have access to first-time buyers' training programs, financial planning, and low-interest loans.     

I will: 

  • Support programs and initiatives focused on first-time homeownership (through first-time buyers training programs, financial planning, and low-interest loans) as it is a direct path to upward economic mobility.

  • Work to increase the development of buildings designated for public housing as well as support the renovation of current public housing to combat displacement.

  • Support and reintroduce the protections covered under the Jim Brooks Stabilization Act.

  • Advocate for the prohibition of excessive rent hikes and evictions through supporting legislation like the Just Cause Eviction Act.

  • Support the increase of public housing funding as well as the investment in CDCs and Non-Profits which build affordable housing.