Career trajectory should include jobs beyond those that require secondary education though there is an importance for secondary and post-secondary education. There is a need for vocational job training especially for those whose life path does not include college. Programs that support workforce training should be supported and funded by the city, and available to every resident. Recognizing the increasing cost of living in the city, workers should be paid a livable wage. It is important that we support labor rights and equal pay for equal work. Workers are the cornerstone of our city--they should be supported, protected from exploitation, offered paid sick leave, maternity and paternity leave, and have spaces to report workplace violations without fear of ramifications. 


Minority-owned businesses should be included in workplace protection policies. The pandemic has left many without jobs and businesses suffering. The city should work to support minority-owned businesses by assisting in the recovery of their losses through small business loans. Unions have been a primary source of protection for workers. There still are numerous jobs in the city that are not unionized. We should take a firm stand on unionization. We should demand that any new companies commit to having their workers join or establish a union to ensure third-party protections and accountability. 

I will: 

  • Support minority own businesses by ensuring they are provided loans and resources necessary to remain open in the face of this pandemic and beyond.

  • Support current union workers and advocate for the establishment of new unions for jobs that have not been unionized.

  • Commit to supporting policies that demand new companies to unionize and meet the needs of all of their employees. 

  • Support the push for a $15 minimum wage. 

  • Support legislation that works to ensure equal pay for equal work. Workers should not perform work without equal and adequate compensation (This includes closing the gender wage gap). 

  • Advocate for the end of exploitation of workers by encouraging companies, organizations, and employers to limit work hours to those conducive to healthy living standards.