Doctor and Patient




Substance abuse and the opioid crisis are a growing epidemics in the City of Boston. I have had countless interactions and have heard countless stories of people who have battled with drug dependency and addiction. Due to the stigmatization of addiction, the root causes are ignored which proliferates the resulting symptoms. The road to recovery is a slow and arduous process. People who suffer from addiction should have access to programs that acknowledge the varied and complex layers which contribute to substance dependence. There should be a tailored and precise approach to treatment as each individual's relationship with substance abuse is different. 

I will: 

  • Advocate for the creation/implementation of new methods of rehabilitation.

  • Promote the importance of tailored and precise substance abuse treatment programs.

  • Work to decentralize the services currently found on "Methadone Mile" 

  • Advocate and support the creation of a 24-hour engagement center within Mass and Cass, with heightened security for the surrounding areas.

  • Support the reevaluation on the positioning of the current comfort station located on Atkinson Street, and work closely with residents and businesses in order to construct a plan.

  • Advocate for the immediate expansion of the BPD Outreach Team to ensure the continued outreach to individuals in need.

  • Work with elected officials in order to get the city to reopen long island in order to better assist individuals in need (a plan to utilize ferry services can begin and be used as transport as plans for the bridge continue).