Walking to the Bus


Youth Engagement

The next generation will carry on the work that we start. We must make sure that all of our youth have access to the political system and their elected officials. The State House and City Hall should never feel inaccessible to our youth. Their voices are crucial in the planning and development of policy as they bring a unique perspective that will enrich and advance initiatives and programs.

I will: 

  • Assure that my doors are always open and invite the youth to participate in the planning and development of policy.

  • Advocate and support the lowering of the voting age to 16 affording the youth a voice as they already have an enormous political, environmental, and financial investment in our city.

  • Serve as a microphone to echo their needs and wants as residents. 

  • Support programs and educational tools to help the youth understand the current political system so they can participate confidently.