“Living in a time where the fabric of our democracy is constantly under attack, we must begin to create the change we seek to see in our communities. District 4 demands that the next leaders and elected officials represent the palpitating heart of every resident. I am running for Boston City Council District 4 because I love my community, and I find no other way to love than to work to ensure equal access to opportunities, resources, and the enjoyment of a healthy environment.”


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Meet Jacob!

Inspired by the perseverance and tenacity of his mother, Jacob Urena has been committed to the values she imparted to him at an early age--empathy, hard work, education, and civic duty. As a product of a single-parent immigrant household, Jacob saw first hand what most immigrants in Boston experience; the hardships of navigating a new and challenging environment while facing language and systematic barriers. 


Jacob is a proud Bostonian and has lived here for most of his life. The community of Mattapan has shaped his years as a youth. The City of Boston has provided him with a plethora of opportunities--educational and professional. Jacob has had the opportunity to witness the shifting dynamics and perceptions of his community. Jacob frequently says “My community has protected itself, motivated itself, and cared for itself”. He is committed to ensuring that District 4 is not left behind as Boston continues to grow.  


As a BPS student, he received educational and professional opportunities that he would not have gotten elsewhere but acknowledges that not every child has access to those opportunities. He is committed to reigniting the tenant of ‘no child left behind, fully funding our public schools, and providing District 4 with resources. Jacob desires to actively work to provide a livable wage for all teachers and staff as well as safe school buildings and facilities conducive to learning. 


Jacob believes that change starts in our households, at our kitchen tables, in classrooms, at farmer's markets, and in PTA meetings --grassroots organizing and outreach. He has dedicated the last five years to work in the non-profit sector in areas regarding substance abuse, homelessness, youth development, and civic engagement. 


He is a strong believer that one of our main priorities should be to our neighbors. “We must love our neighbors as we love ourselves”. He finds no other way to love than to work to ensure equal access to opportunity and the enjoyment of a healthy environment for every resident in District 4.


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